Brand new Brunch menu! Come join us for BRUNCH on Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 3pm!

Satisfy your desire for Asian cuisine with a visit to Yonge Street’s sleek Cravings. Nestled among traditional trattorias, Cravings’ fusion of the finest dishes from China, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam has wowed neighbourhood restaurant-goers since its launch in October 2007.

A crystal chandelier, roaring fireplace and white upholstered banquettes set the stage for the real show stopper, A riceless roll of smoked eel, avocado and crab enveloped by a paper-thin slice of cucumber and devoured with the aid of silver chopsticks.

For something out of this world try the U.F.O.—spicy tuna perched on a bed of sweet potato—and wash it down with a fresh cranberry martini. Fulfill your “Cravings” every night of the week.